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Annual Report

EC BuildsThe annual report illustrates the accomplishments and activities of the Commission during the past calendar year. It serves to document the Commission’s progress toward the achievement of regional goals related to land use, development and preservation. It also provides a regional context for local or county-level land use planning efforts and issues, and identifies products resulting from the work activities of the Commission that may be of use to local units of government.

Work Program & Budget

The Annual Work Program schedules the ECWRPC’s work activities for the next year and discusses the general framework for planning. It contains three major sections: a prospectus which contains a general description of the agency’s activities; a summary of the current year budget and work program elements, and; a specific annual work program which describes details of the work activity, budget and staffing requirements.


ECWRPC publishes a newsletter called the RAPPORT. It highlights what has been happening in the region and what’s coming.

Miscellaneous Publications


An extensive list of documents and reports developed by ECWRPC since it’s inception is available here. If something you are interested in is not available on the website, please contact us.

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