Transportation Technical Assistance Program

East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission’s (ECWRPC) new Transportation Technical Assistance Program aims to help communities identify issues and plan to make their roadways safer, more accessible, and more comfortable for everybody. This technical assistance program will utilize an application-based selection process to provide solutions-based technical assistance to communities seeking to address a particular issue related to transportation.

Who Can Apply: Planning-level assistance is available to local governments (City, Village, Town, or County), transit agencies, or schools within the Appleton (Fox Cities) Transportation Management Area or Oshkosh Metropolitan Planning Organization Area.

Program Goals: The Transportation Technical Assistance Program is looking to provide transportation planning services to help communities improve the following:

  • Safety. Increased safety means reducing traffic crashes for all modes; reducing conflict points; and creating safe transportation for all ages, abilities, and demographic groups.
  • Increased mobility means giving roadway users the ability to move together and efficiently, no matter what mode – foot, bike, transit, or vehicle – they choose to use.
  • Preservation includes creating and maintaining roadways that complement existing and future land uses, while maintaining high-functioning routes.
  • Equity on our roadways means that roadways are designed and operated fairly for all users – regardless of age, ability, income, race or ethnicity, or language spoken. Historically, transportation networks and systems were not created equitably, and we seek to right the historic wrongs.

Applicable Project Types
The Transportation Technical Assistance Program can help communities with planning tasks such as problem identification, data collection, stakeholder engagement, or recommendations development for transportation projects. Examples of projects could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Safe Routes to School Infrastructure Enhancement Planning
  • Transportation Equity Analysis
  • Safety Audit
  • Intersection Improvement Planning
  • Corridor Mobility Plan
  • ADA Transit Access & Sidewalk Gap Analysis
  • Transit Stop Enhancement Planning
  • Pedestrian Safety Improvement Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply
Applications may be submitted anytime between March 21 and April 15, 2022. Email your completed application to [email protected] with “Technical Assistance Application” as the subject line.

Application Period: March 21, 2022 – April 15, 2022
Applicants Notified: April 25, 2022 – April 29, 2022
Technical Assistance Provided: May 2, 2022 – October 28, 2022

March 29, 2022 Webinar

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