Sewer Service Area


Sewer Service Area (SSA) Plans have been developed for twenty-six 208 Water Quality Areas within the Designated ‘Section 208’ Water Quality Planning Area of the East Central Region.

26 - 208 Water Quality Areas

The 26 “208” Water Quality Areas

SSA Plans are required under Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter NR 121 for certain communities within Wisconsin and assist in maintaining and improving water quality within the State by outlining areas which are able to accommodate sewered development in a cost effective and well-managed environment. SSA Plans delineate Environmentally Sensitive Areas which preclude such development. SSA Plans also serve as the 20-year plan for the community’s wastewater treatment plant and collection infrastructure and are used as guidance during the Wastewater Facilities Planning process established under Wisconsin Administration Code Chapter NR 110.

Additional information on Sewer Service Area Planning can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Sewer Service Area Planning Web Page.

Water Quality Management Plan ‘208’ Conformance Review Process

As a contracted agency with the WDNR, ECWRPC is responsible for the review of public sanitary sewer extensions, private lateral extensions, facilities plans, and the subsequent issuance of Water Quality Management (WQM) Plan Conformance Letters (sometimes referred to as ‘208’ letters). These letters are required by WDNR to ensure that the proposed project is consistent with the existing Water Quality Management SSA Plan. Please note that the ‘208’ review process can take up to 30 days and submittals should allow for this!

State regulations pertaining to Areawide Water Quality Management Plan conformance reviews:

Chapter NR 110 – Sewerage Systems
Chapter SPS 382 – Design, Construction, Installation, Supervision, Maintenance, and Inspection of Plumbing

More information on the conformance review process can be found in the following documents:

Please contact Senior Planner Wilhelmina Paustian with questions or comments.

SSA Plan Amendment Process

SSA Plan amendments and updates are reviewed/completed by staff and submitted to the Commission’s Community Facilities Committee (CFC) and/or the full Commission for approval. Once the Commission has approved the plan modification, it is submitted to the WDNR for final review and certification. Please note that the plan amendment process can take up to 3 months from start to finish! The Commission’s SSA Amendment procedures are contained within the individual SSA Plan documents.

SSA Plans

Sewer Service Area Boundary Web Map

East Central prepares and administers SSA Plans under an agreement and funding arrangement with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The plans are meant to be flexible and are periodically updated (approximately every 5-6 years) in order to accommodate unanticipated changes in the community. All twenty-six SSA Plans, initially prepared in 1985, will have been updated at least once by the end of 2002. An SSA Plan Update Schedule has been developed for future plan updates which will ensure their review on a timely basis. This schedule will be subject to some changes based on timing, funding, and other local priorities.

Black Creek 2030
Plan Document | SSA map

Butte des Morts
Plan Document | SSA Map

Brillion 2030
Plan Document | SSA Map

Plan Document | SSA Map

2035 Plan DocumentSSA Map

Embarrass/Cloverleaf Lakes 2030
Plan Document | SSA Map

Fond du Lac
2040 Plan Document | SSA Map

Forest Junction
Draft 2035 Plan Document | 2035 SSA Map
Plan Document | SSA Map

Fox Cities 2030
Plan Document
Appleton SSA Map
Grand Chute-Menasha West SSA Map
Heart of the Valley SSA Map
Neenah Menasha SSA Map

Freedom 2030
Plan Document | SSA Map

Plan Document | SSA Map

Oakfield 2035
2035 Plan Document | SSA map

Omro 2030
Plan Document | SSA Map

Oshkosh 2030
Plan Document | SSA Map

Draft Rosendale 2035

Draft Plan Document | SSA Map

Plan Document | SSA Map

Shawano Lake 2030
Plan Document | SSA Map

Sherwood 2020
Plan Document | SSA Map

Plan Document | SSA Map

Poygan 2020
Plan Document | SSA Map

Waupaca/Chain O’ Lakes 2030
Plan Document | SSA Map

Wautoma/Silver Lake 2030
Plan Document | SSA Map

Plan Document | SSA Map

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