WIS 15 Corridor Access Management Study

Study Purpose

Traffic congestion and safety issues along WIS 15, from I-41 in the Town of Grand Chute west through the urbanized area in the Town of Greenville, has prompted WisDOT to plan for and manage access to address safety concerns prior to the 4-lane expansion project and bypass of Hortonville.

The Department’s concern for the long term design for this corridor, particularly with respect to direct highway access, is driven by the continued urbanization of communities that lie along the corridor, particularly between the WIS 15/I-41 interchange and Julius Road.

Locally prepared comprehensive plans show significant amounts of development planned to occur within this quadrant of the Fox Cities MPO over the next 25 years. Currently, the communities in this corridor are also experiencing some of the highest rates of growth within the metropolitan area.

The primary purpose of the WIS 15 Corridor Access Study will be to evaluate long-term development potential, current plans and agreements, and potential impacts and mitigation strategies for the corridor between USH 41 and Julius Road. While the design for the remainder of the expansion project is complete the highway function and safety will still be threatened by future development pressure and additional access requests.

How can we preserve the capacity and reliability of WIS 15?

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