Public Participation and Outreach

East Central is considered to be a governmental entity and falls under the same rules as counties or municipalities in terms of providing adequate public notice on all of its full quarterly Commission meetings and related Standing Committee meetings (Steering, Transportation, Open Space, Economic Development, Community Facilities, and Regional Comprehensive Plan). In addition to the required meeting postings and mailings to affected parties and media outlets, other efforts are made to notify and obtain public input on regional scale planning efforts from counties, communities and members of the citizen and business community. On a regular basis, the Commission develops and distributes information through the following methods:

  • The Commission’s website:
  • The publication of the Annual Report.
  • The publication of three newsletters (The Rapport) in January, July, and October of each year. There are available on our documents and publications page.
  • Since 2011, the publication of regular e-newsletters for all of the Commission’s work program areas was initiated. Sign-up forms for the e-newsletters can be accessed here.
  • Preparation of an Annual Work Program and Budget document.
  • The development of periodic single or partial-day conferences (mini-conferences) and training sessions for local officials on current land use topics.


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