Community Engagement

We want you to be involved! We also want you to WANT to be involved and feel valued.

Community engagement is an essential part of any transportation project at East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (ECWRPC). Good community engagement can help residents advocate for what they need, understand why projects are happening, and improve safety on the roadways, whether in a car, in a bus, on bike, or on foot.

Historically, marginalized communities have been excluded from transportation planning efforts and decision-making, which has resulted in less access to safe, comfortable, and convenient transportation. ECWRPC wants to address these past wrongs and help prevent local governments from perpetuating past harms in future planning efforts.

Additionally, community engagement efforts for transportation projects often attract people who are already comfortable interacting with government agencies and have time and resources to attend engagement opportunities at their leisure. This often means people who are most impacted by a project are not able to have the opportunity to express their opinions and provide feedback. ECWRPC wants to be intentional in engaging community members who are diverse in age, race, ability, language, and have different life experiences.

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