Regional and Technical Assistance

ECWRPC provides assistance to counties and local units of government as part of WisDOT’s Regional Transportation Program. In the context of the overall transportation system, some local roadway and land use decisions have regional impacts on economic development and the transportation system.

This program assists counties and communities in the region address transportation needs, problems or issues which are expressed by the region’s citizens and elected representatives and which promote state interests.  Planning also enables counties and communities coordinate fully with WisDOT’s planning program.

On an annual basis, ECWRPC sends a letter and application to all participating member counties and municipalities soliciting for regional technical assistance projects. Submitted projects are selected by ECWRPC’s Steering Committee.

Some of the activities covered under this program are:

  • Pavement management systems (PMS) aimed at identifying road condition deficiencies and prioritizing improvement needs on rural roads;
  • Access control plans which provide design and regulatory solutions for protecting street and highway capacity;
  • Functional-jurisdictional plans which align jurisdictional responsibilities for roads according to functional use;
  • Assistance in development of state pedestrian policy plan;
  • Participation in state’s secondary land use impact identification process;
  • State Highway plan refinements which address the impacts of proposed state highway system improvements on local road systems and land use;
  • Transportation Corridor Studies for corridor preservation and access control, with the intent to maintain the integrity of high functioning routes.
  • Community traffic plans which identify operational improvements for facilitating traffic flow; and reevaluation of urban corridor needs;
  • Specialized transit plans which assists service needs, with emphasis on coordinating existing services to achieve maximum use. Consideration of the 3-County transit coordination study impacts on the use of Section 18 funds;
  • Roadside vegetation management plans aimed at safety, erosion control, wildlife protection and preservation of native vegetation;
  • Coordination of GIS activities between counties and WisDOT; and
  • Traffic Sign Management plans.
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Audits.
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