Based on the audit for 2017, the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission had total operating revenues of $2,919,293. Of this amount, $771,698 (26%) was derived from a direct tax levy to the eight member counties. The levy is based on the assessed equalized valuation of each county. An additional $1,866,497 (64%) was received from various state and federal entities as cost-shared grants for specific program work. The remaining revenues were derived throughout the calendar year in the form of local contracts, small local grants, or miscellaneous revenues.

ECWRPC Revenue Sources, 2017

ECWRPC Revenue Sources, 2017

State and federal funded programs include transportation planning from FHWA, FTA, WisDOT, a grant from the Office of Economic Adjustment to assist the Oshkosh region as a result of reductions in defense industry spending, the economic development program from EDA, and WDNR programs for water quality management. Portions of the local levy are committed as matching funds and are allocated on the basis of 1) the relative benefits to be derived; 2) the program’s eligibility requirements; and 3) federal and state cost sharing formulas.


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