Village of Combined Locks

Comprehensive Plan 2040 update


The Village of Combined Locks is starting the process to update to their current comprehensive plan that was adopted on February 2, 2010. The Village Plan Commission is working with the East Central Wisconsin Planning Commission on the development of the comprehensive plan update which they will be working on over the next year and half.

The update of the comprehensive plan will be developed in accordance with Section 66.1001 of the Wisconsin State Statues. This process will be multi-faceted in order to meaningfully engage elected officials, state agencies, citizens and the business community on the establishment and implementation of their vision for land use within the community. All factual information contained within the previous plan will be reviewed and revised to reflect current conditions. Information will be reviewed with community leaders, staff and the general public so as to ensure that the basis for the updated land use plan is current and well-connected to short and long-term trends and challenges.

This webpage is intended to provide information to interested individuals regarding the development of the Village of Combined Locks Comprehensive Plan 2040 Update. More detailed information can be viewed via the links found below.

All meetings of the Plan Commission are noticed and open to the public.


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