Community Facilities

Sewer Service Area (SSA) Management

The Commission administers the State’s NR-121 Sewer Service Area Planning program under a memorandum of agreement and contract with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR). The Commission staff and Community Facilities Committee serve as review entities for, and advisors to, the WDNR for the development of twenty-six separate SSA Plans and subsequently requested SSA boundary amendments. The Commission also conducts plan conformance reviews on certain activities related to wastewater treatment and sewer infrastructure planning and construction.

Community and Public Facilities

The viability of the region, in terms of economics and quality of life, is dependent on a highly developed infrastructure of basic community and public facilities. Existing and new development requires municipal services that are often administered at a regional scale, including: the efficient removal and permanent storage of waste and recyclables, a dependable supply and efficient transmission of natural gas and electric, a fast reliable telecommunications network that employs the latest technology, a reliable system that quickly responds to fire, police and other emergency situations and an accessible and affordable healthcare system.

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