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The East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (ECWRPC), in partnership with municipalities in the Fox Cities, is completing study for a new pedestrian / bicycle route along the northern edge of Lake Winnebago, linking communities to High Cliff State Park.

The study will consider accessibility, route types, land impacts, intersection crossings, amenities, and links to existing trail networks, to create a connection that will serve a variety of users, such as walkers, cyclists, and others.

This project has been identified as a priority through a number of previous community planning efforts, and the study will provide guidance on the route alignment, as well as design and strategies for funding and implementation.

The study will focus on identifying a route that connects the Loop the Little Lake Trail, the City of Menasha, the Village of Harrison, and the Village of Sherwood along an east-west corridor to High Cliff State Park, with potential for building off of the existing Friendship Trail. As the study progresses, other spur connections and links to other surrounding communities will be identified as well.

Over the course of the study, this website will be used to share information, register for events, and provide a way to gather input on the plan and planning process.

The study began in August of 2021, and is anticipated to be completed in July of 2022. HKGi, a planning and landscape architecture firm, has been contracted to provide professional services as consultants for the study.

7 Responses to High Cliff Connection Project Page

  1. Randy Bauman says:

    Run it along highway 114. We want our privacy. Too many trees would be destroyed along the rr tracks. Why isn’t the tracks showing up on the maps?

  2. Don Mielke says:

    This needs to be constructed along Hwy 114 as it is west of county N. Keep it in open areas so people are more comfortable to use. Also all the areas south of the railroad tracks is being used or is planned for more residential housing. If city dwellers are coming to the country to visit High Cliff being away from homes for their walking is why they are coming to the country.

  3. Cindy Strong says:

    Looking forward to this trail moving forward. Great hope for a safe and attractive means to ride to High Cliff.

  4. Jill VandenOever says:

    Having a trail is a wonderful idea, but it needs to stay away from residential areas,
    1. Who will maintain the trail in neighborhoods were residents live, trash, calls to sheriff regarding loitering, dogs getting off leashes and running into residents yards. Kids trying to get to the lake through people’s yards.
    2. How will services be able to conduct their tasks example mail, pumping septic tanks and so on.
    3. Crime the more people traveling past our homes will give more opportunity for vandalism and theft.
    4.Wildlife, we have deer, turkeys, fox , sandhill cranes, the more traffic will drive the animals away.
    I think on 114 is the perfect place. There is potential for business to cater to the bikers and families. Its will also be more cost effective

  5. joanne says:

    This is an awesome project.
    I bike often, and riding on hwy 114 is terrible. The chances of being hit by a car are high. I look forward to a trail that will take me through a quite area without fear of being hit from behind. I have been so excited about the possibility of a safe path to high cliff. I’m very thankful to all the people who are working on this project to develop safe bike and walking paths through out our community.

  6. Amy says:

    Thank you for all your efforts on this!! Please consider connecting into the Trestle trail. This will open a terrific all trail biking/walking network from High Cliff to Neenah, Menasha, Oshkosh, and even to Hortonville.

    Hopefully it will connect to downtown Appleton too – although I am not familiar with bike trails that lead into Appleton other than the CB trail. (Did you know you can bike from Neenah/Menasha to Oshkosh or even Hortonville all via trails presently? It’s awesome!)

  7. Sandra says:

    The route should not go east on Broad Street across Racine Street. This intersection prohibits vehicles from crossing, the same should be for bikers. The current route directs bikers to use 1st street with a signalized intersection. In fact, the most direct route from the Trestle Trail would be to take Tayco north to Third. Third to High Cliff. Stay off Broad.

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