Working Towards More Affordable Housing

This invite‐only event seeks to improve our region’s ability to accommodate the current and future needs for affordable housing through increased dialogue and information sharing between communities and land development/realty/homebuilding stakeholders within the East Central Region.

2017 Wisconsin Act 243 created two new reporting mandates for villages and cities over 10,000 in population. A Housing Affordability Report which analyzes: 1) the financial impact of the municipality’s residential development regulations on new subdivision costs. and how regulations could be modified to meet existing and forecasted housing demand and reduce the time and cost necessary to approve and develop a new residential subdivision. A second Fee Report focuses on detailing a community’s residential development fees, and contains information and analysis on how those fees may impact proposed subdivisions.

In 2019, ECWRPC prepared the required reports for twelve communities in the Region, as well as two combined summary comparison reports. Learn more about the content of these reports, how the communities compare, and what aspects of the development process are most critical to ensuring the availability of affordable housing in our communities. We are providing two opportunities on the same day to participate and engage so that we can ultimately forge collaborative strategies and solutions to the region’s housing challenges.

February 20th, 2020 – 2 times / 2 locations!
9:00 a.m. – Menasha Public Library
1:30 p.m. – Hotel Retlaw, Fond du Lac

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