Website & Visualization

  1. Who maintains the MPO and RPC websites? How frequently are the websites updated?
  • Transportation staff in coordination with the IT Coordinator maintains the MPO and the RPC and the websites are updated periodically.

Website – From Google Analytics – 7,024 users yielding 19,381 page views – 15,730 unique. – 1,614 users yielding 3,347 page views – 2,493 unique. 

Please be prepared to discuss the following at the site review meeting. A written response is not required.

  1. Briefly discuss you efforts to employ any visualization techniques?  What types of techniques and what are the results?

o   Demographics

o   Health

o   Land Use

o   Crash Map

o   Street/Highway Network

o   Freight – coming soon

o   Transit – coming soon

o   Bike/Ped – coming soon

o   Recommendations – coming soon

o   Environmental Justice – coming soon

o   Travel Demand Model

  1. What are the 3 key documents (or types of information) that you believe should receive special attention for visualization?
  • Long Range Land Use Plan
  • TIP
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
  1. Discuss your overall key efforts to organize and present important information in a format that can be quickly and easily understood and that provides a clear focus on key issues and potential alternatives?

3.1  What have been you success stories?

  • College Avenue Corridor Study

3.2  What types of information has been the most problematic and still needs improvement?

  1. How does the MPO evaluate the effectiveness of its visualization techniques?
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