1. How frequently does the MPO execute its self-certification?
  • Approving work program; TAC and policy board completing the objectives
  1. Where is the Self-Certification process documented?
  • In development of the UPWP.
  • Listed in the TIP and LRPT – documented in each document
  1. What supporting documentation/information is provided to the MPO policy board when the Self-Certification is approved?
  • Planning activities are guided by the TAC and Policy Board based on MAP-21 federal and state expectations and guidance. They approve the Resolution during the UPWP and Self Certification discussion. 
  1. Is there an opportunity for public comment? If so, how are comments addressed?
  • The public does have the ability to comment as the document is distributed and posted on the appropriate website. If comments are received they will be addressed at meetings and included in the document. 

Please be prepared to discuss the following at the meeting. A written response is not required.

  1. What process/procedures are used to self-certify the planning process?

1.1  How are the transit authority, State DOT, and others involved?

1.2  What criteria have been established for the self-certification?

1.3  What are the MPO’s processes, procedures, guidelines, and/or policies that address Title VI, ADA, DBE, and other regulatory requirements?

1.4  How is the Self-Certification provided to the Federal agencies – as part of the TIP/STIP or UPWP, or in a separate submittal?

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