MTP Implementation

1. How does the MPO track implementation of the adopted transportation plan?

  • Long Range Land Use Transportation Plan

o   Transportation Projects: Staff tracks the implementation of transportation projects (i.e. highway, freight, transit, bicycle and pedestrian and SRTS).  A review of the Long Range Transportation Plan is completed on an annual basis and is used to develop the Work Program for the upcoming year. 

  • Multi-Modal Transportation Implementation
  • Appleton (Fox Cities) Transportation Management Area and Oshkosh Metropolitan Planning Organization Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan-2014:

For the bicycle and pedestrian plan there is an annual action plan. Each action plan is developed for each year and includes deliverables using the 5-E’s method (Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Engineering, and Evaluation). The Action plan is developed into two individual sections: Section One includes the description of the action item, performance measure/metric, baseline data, commencement timeline, and partners. Section Two is a detailed timeline for implementation based on project duration.

  • Additional Measures:

Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts Program:

Regional non-motorized transportation system measurement program where multi-modal facilities can are measured for annual performance updates. Measurement options include infrared counters, pneumatic tube counters, manual count procedures, and video count procedures. The below table provides a quick breakdown of individual functionality of each count option currently utilized:Counting-Options


  • Regional Safe Routes to Schools Program

The Regional Safe Routes to School Program has a2012-2016 Strategic Plan. The Transportation Committee and the Regional Safe Routes to School Advisory Committee are updated on the progress of those initiatives on a quarterly basis. Parent surveys and student travel tallies are also used to evaluate progress of the program. In 2015, the staff developed the SRTS school recognition program, which evaluates the progress of local SRTS programs and also looks at the progress of the Regional SRTS Program. Performance measures include 5-E’s implementation items including school outreach efforts, elementary and middles school involvement within the region, quantity of education and encouragement opportunities, etc.

  • Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

Projects funded and implementedTAP-Funding
2. How frequently does the MPO update the MPO policy board and committees about progress in implementing the plan?

See table for individual committee update frequency:Committee-Update-Frequency

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