Highway Element

  1. How is the highway system analyzed to determine highway needs in the transportation plan?
  • Meeting with the local municipalities and the WisDOT; travel demand model; discussions with local law enforcement; monitoring traffic crashes and incidents; work with the TOPS Lab to compile crash data on interactive maps
  1. What drives the highway improvements identified in the plan? 
  • Local municipalities and WisDOT and travel demand based on economic growth and safety.

Please be prepared to discuss the following at the site review meeting. A written response is not required.

  1. How are highway needs identified in the MPO planning process coordinated with WisDOT and local agencies to determine how the needs can be addressed and what highway improvements are recommended in the plan?

Migration from the Long range plan to the TIP based on available funding

  1. How is the schedule for proposed highway improvements determined?

Projects are ranked locally and by MPO staff and then approved by the technical advisory committee, transportation committee and policy board.

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