Consultation & Coordination

  1. How was the consultation process developed and who participated in its development? How is the process documented?
  • The consultation process developed as part of the Public Participation Plan and through guidance from FHWA, FTA, and WisDOT. The MPO works with local conservation departments, planning departments, Tribes, State Historical Society, U.S. EPA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, USDA NRCS and National Park Service. The listing of contacts is included in the MTP and TIP. Each agency is given a document for public review and the opportunity to comment. If comments were received they are included in an Appendix as part of the document. See PPP
  1. What opportunities are provided for agency consultation at key decision points in the planning, programming (TIP) phases of transportation planning decision-making?
  • Each agency is listed and given opportunity to review the document. Documentation is included in Appendix C of the current TIP.
  1. If the metropolitan planning area includes Federal public lands and/or Tribal lands, how were the affected Federal agencies and Indian Tribes involved in the development of the plans and programs?
  • Tribes are notified of documents when the 30-day public review period is initiated. They are given ample opportunity to provide comments on anything.
  1. Are different procedures used for consultation with State, Tribal, and local and Federal Lands Management agencies responsible for land-use management, natural resources, environmental protection, conservation, and historic preservation? If so, how are they different?
  • The same procedure is used for all agencies when consulting on any plans.
  1. How are agencies informed of consultation activities and opportunities for review at key decision points including but not limited to approval of MTPs and TIPs?
  • All agencies are notified via formal letter explaining the process and public review period.
  1. How does the consultation process demonstrate explicit consideration and responsiveness to input received? What kind of feedback did the agencies receive on the proposals and questions they put forward?
  • Any input that is received is reviewed by staff and shared with appropriate committees. Any input is documented in the appropriate appendices depending on the document.
  1. How is consultation in the metropolitan transportation process coordinated with the Statewide consultation process to enhance public consideration of issues, plans, and programs?
  • MPO staff held a public forum to initiate public comment from agencies. Staff also participates in public meetings held by WisDOT and other agencies to provide feedback on projects throughout the MPO area and regionally.
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