Thank you to the 40+ who attended the November 15, 2018 Smart Communities event. Links to the list of attendees and presentations are provided below.

Smart Communities, Smart Corridors, Smart Region: Building a Resilient Economy using Advance Technologies

Thank you to the 100+ people who attended the Feb. 21st roll-out event for the I-41 Corridor Economic Development Strategy project. The final report is now available in .pdf form and links to document are provided below.

“Driving the Future:  A Strategy for Fostering Collaborative Economic Development Along the Interstate 41 Corridor”

1-Page Summary of “Driving the Future

List of Event Attendees

Presentations given at the February 21st Roll-Out Event are contained below:

1.       Opening Remarks – E. Fowle, ECWRPC
2.       Gaining and Maintaining Young Adults in Wisconsin – A. Watson, UWEX
3.       I-41 Strategy Overview – Jon Roberts/Alex Cooke, TIP Strategies
4.       Millennials: Engaging the Next Generation – Ian Abston, Millennial LLC  (Additional materials to be posted soon)

Contact Information

5.       Closing Remarks – E. Fowle, ECWRPC

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