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The Comprehensive Plan guides decision making and establishes a 20 year vision for the community. The Comprehensive Plan is the framework for the community’s land use decisions on how to grow the area while improving community assets. Comprehensive Plans are updated every 10 years to reflect new data and changing conditions. The City started the update process in December 2016 and has contracted with the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission to complete the update.


04/30/18 Agenda Final Element Review Staff Report
11/20/17 Agenda
10/16/17 Agenda
8/28/17 Agenda
7/31/17 Agenda
7/17/17 Agenda
6/26/17 Agenda
5/9/16 Agenda
4/24/17 Agenda
3/13/17 Agenda
1/30/17 Agenda
12/5/16 Agenda
9/12/16 Agenda
7/25/16 Agenda

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