Winnebago County Grundman/Osh-O-Nee Boat Landing Improvements Survey

The Winnebago County Parks Department is presently involved in putting together a master plan for Grundman Boat Landing. In order to gain an accurate measure of both the assets and shortcomings of the property, the Parks Department is presenting the general public with an opportunity to provide an overall assessment of the facility. Using a survey to gather public input on attributes of the boat landing, the information collected will be used to shape the scope of improvements that the department anticipates on making at the site. In order to optimize this opportunity it is essential that the Parks Department obtain a large sample of input from members of the public that make use of the landing. It with this goal in mind that the Winnebago County Parks Department asks for assistance from its partners in helping disseminate the attached survey link to those members, and/or groups, in the public domain that you feel could benefit from playing a role in the Grundman Boat Landing master planning process.

Rob Way
Winnebago County Parks Director

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