2021 ECWRPC Technical Assistance

The East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission has opened the Technical Assistance project requests for the consideration in the 2021 Work Program.  For 2021, the technical assistance projects will focus on economic development, open space and recreation plans, and transportation projects for counties and communities within the eight-member counties.

Once the application is received, East Central staff will reach out to each community to further refine the scope of work and develop a document with the scope of the project along with price quote for the cost of the project. Transportation and economic development projects may be partially funded through the current transportation and economic development programs at East Central.

Staff will recommend projects to the Steering Committee and to the full Commission Board for their review and potential approval. Communities will be notified in January/February 2021 if their project was selected. Communities with selected projects will be required to sign a memorandum of understanding or a contract, which will include the scope of work, the project hours, and the contracted amount.

For questions regarding the technical assistance projects, please reach out to our staff listed below.

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