Greenville Year 2040 Comprehensive Plan Now Available

The purpose of the Greenville Comprehensive Plan is to aid local officials in making land use decisions harmonious with the overall vision for the community’s future while ensuring future sustainability of local natural resources and the agricultural heritage of Greenville. Developing a comprehensive plan is a proactive attempt to create guidelines for future development within a community; the plan evaluates what type of development will benefit the community’s interest while still providing flexibility for landowners and protecting private property rights.

The Greenville Comprehensive Plan identifies a 20-year planning horizon and contains four major components:

  1. A profile of the demographic, economic, and housing characteristics;
  2. An inventory and assessment of the environment, community facilities; and agricultural, natural, and cultural resources;
  3. Visions, goals, framing concepts, policies, strategies and action items; and
  4. A series of land use maps depicting existing and optimum land use patterns.

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