Strong Neighborhoods Lunch ‘N Learn Series

Strong Neighborhoods Lunch ‘N Learn Series
May 2, 2019  11:45 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.
J.P. Coughlin Center
625 E. County Rd Y, Oshkosh, WI

Neighborhoods and Social Connectedness

“A socially connected community is a place where everyone feels like they belong. It’s a place where people know their neighbors and feel motivated to get involved, build relationships, and contribute to the creation of strong social networks. It’s a place where spaces exist for people to gather with friends and neighbors. And, it’s a place where all planning and strategic initiatives take social connectedness into account” (PlanH, 2017).

Come hear how the Winnebago County Health Department is moving forward on projects associated with social connectedness. Our speakers, Stephanie Gyldenvand and Sarah Schluechtermann, will share information about how this topic got attention, preliminary results from the research, and plans for developing a pilot project within an existing neighborhood. This is a great opportunity to engage with area public health professionals to explore how we integrate this knowledge into our daily work with neighborhood groups and associations.

We all have a role to play in creating strong neighborhoods, strong communities and a strong region! Come join our “Gapper Network”, a growing system of professionals dedicated to supporting the work of engaged neighbors.

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