“Working Together” Theme of 2040 Regional Comprehensive Plan Update

This spring, the Commission will be kicking off a formal process to update its 2008 Regional Comprehensive Plan. Comprehensive plans are developed for a 20-year planning horizon and must be updated no less than once every 10 years. Within the statutory provisions of Wisconsin State Statutes (SS) 66.0309, East Central’s main function and duty is that “of making (preparing) and adopting a master (Comprehensive) plan for the physical development of the region.” This basic enabling legislation is complemented by the comprehensive planning law, SS 66.1001. The updated regional plan will be entitled “Working Together: A 2040 Comprehensive Plan for the East Central Wisconsin Region” and covers a ten-county area in northeastern Wisconsin. The document will serves as an advisory policy document to guide where future conservation, growth, and development activities should occur at the largest of scales.

Read more and stay informed on the 2040 Regional Comprehensive Plan page.

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