New ECWRPC Brand and Website

New ECWRPC Brand and Website

After celebrating its 40th year of existence, the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission decided it was time to update its brand to be more reflective of the important work that we do. Utilizing the talents of A2Z Design (Appleton, WI), a new logo and unique brand signature was created which emphasizes our Mission and the integrated planning framework which allows us to have positive effects on the region’s quality of life.

The new logo is comprised of three hexagons with icons representing housing, transportation and the environment. While these three areas comprise a majority of the Commission’s work, they also collectively represent our other efforts – such as economic development or comprehensive planning – are comprised of all three components. The hexagon shapes themselves illustrate the integrated nature of these major planning fields and their associated issues.

The use of these six-sided shapes stands out amongst our colleagues and competitors, as few similar organizations or businesses utilize these graphics to mark their signature. Hexagons are also prevalent in nature due to their efficiency, with each side being the same length. The shape also forms a strong grid which is easy to navigate (which we often discuss when talking about transportation). The hexagon shapes also bring to mind images of honeycombs and honeybees and, in many ways, represents our main task of coordinating multi-jurisdictional planning so that our ‘hive’ (our region) operates efficiently and effectively.

As part of implementing our new brand, you will see the new logo and brand elements illustrated on many new communication pieces and we hope that it provides additional clarity in our messaging as we continue our important work throughout the region.

The website redesign provides a better experience for everyone. You’ll find upcoming meetings and events via a calendar, a blog to keep up with what we’re doing, better organization and regular new content. Try it out on all of your devices!

If there’s something you’d like to see added, contact ECWRPC.

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