Local Assistance

Each fall, the Commission seeks Technical Assistance project requests from member units of government (counties, towns, villages, and cities). Larger projects (more than $5,000) are typically dealt with through a contractual arrangement with the community for projects such as zoning ordinance re-writes, comprehensive plan updates, or other more intense planning projects. Small-scale planning and GIS mapping projects are solicited and pre-selected during the prior year (i.e. late fall of 2013 for 2014 projects) under the following program areas:

  • General Planning (comprehensive planning, plan implementation, etc.)
  • Economic Development (grant assistance, funding identification, industrial park planning/conceptual layouts)
  • Transportation (local road and street issues, traffic forecasts/analyses, PASER inventories, sign inventories, safe routes to school, bicycle and pedestrian planning, etc.)
  • Community Facilities / Infrastructure (sewer, water, stormwater, utilities, etc.)
  • Park, Open Space & Recreation (recreation plan, trail plan, park site planning, etc.)
  • Environmental Management (wetland, floodplain, farmland, conservation, etc.)
  • Demographic Services (census data, trend analysis/interpretation, housing studies/assessments)
  • Geographic Information Systems (data development, custom mapping, map updates, tourism/marketing materials)

A total of 39 new project requests were received, ranked and approved by our Steering Committee in December 2013, as listed in the table below.  These new projects will be initiated during the course of 2014, while work continues on approximately 21 additional local projects which are still in progress from 2012 and 2013.

If you did not request a project, please be aware that Commission staff can possibly provide your community with additional limited assistance throughout the year on an ‘as needed’ basis.  Also, our staff is always available for quick phone calls or email questions from member communities regarding planning related issues, guidance, and directing you to the resources you need.

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