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2040 Regional Comprehensive Plan Questionairre

ECWRPC is preparing its updated Year 2040 Regional Comprehensive Plan. A few minutes of your time can help us to identify a regional vision for land use and economic development. Please fill out the form below to give us your quick opinions now and keep posted on more opportunities to participate in the planning process.

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1. Regional Identity - Provide two or three words, or short statments, that characterize or describe the overall "identity" of the East Central Region.

2. Environmental Management - Identify at least two (2) generalized landscapes, natural areas or specific natural features within the region that you feel need relatively high levels of protection and/or improved management.

3. Regional Mobility - Describe at least two (2) important future “connections” that should be made in terms of transportation – whether it relates to highways, rail, transit, multi-modal paths, or recreational needs or opportunities.

3a. Do you know if your County’s comprehensive plan has any such linkages/connections identified?
 yes no

4a. A Livable Region - Provide two or three qualities or characteristics that you feel are important to ensure that a community’s downtown/main street is economically healthy, vibrant, and/or attractive.

4b. A Livable Region - Provide the names of one or two healthy, vibrant, and economically strong “neighborhoods” within the community you live in, or one that you’ve visited within the East Central Region.
Neighborhood Name/General Area



Neighborhood Name/General Area



5. Economic Development - List out two or three local or regional economic development issues that will/may require increased collaboration amongst local units of government in the future.

Appleton TMA – Notice of Public Review Period

NOTICE OF PUBLIC REVIEW OPPORTUNITY AMENDMENT TO THE TRANSPORTATION IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (TIP) FOR THE APPLETON TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT AREA – 2017 East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Appleton Transportation Management Area, is preparing to amend the adopted 2017 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The amended TIP would include projects thatContinue Reading

RFP – Interstate 41 Corridor Regional Capacity Building Project

ECWRPC is seeking a qualified economic development (or similar) Consultant(s) to develop and implement a planning process which results in a coordinated and collaborative strategy for ‘corridor level’ economic development, including several associated support and outreach tasks that help to build capacity for such activities. Applicants must submit seven (7) printed copies and a digitalContinue Reading

Working in the Gap Mini-Conference Summary Report

On October 28, 2016 the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, in partnership with the City of Oshkosh, Winnebago County UW-Extension, and Goodwill Industries NCW’s Neighborhood Partners program hosted a half-day learning workshop on “working in the gap” which was put in the context of strengthening neighborhoods. The concept of “the gap” is directed atContinue Reading

City of Waupun Downtown Visioning Workshop Report

In early 2016, the City of Waupun had requested assistance from the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission to host and facilitate a public visioning workshop which focused on their existing downtown area along Main Street. Like many communities at the time, state highway improvements and the construction of interchanges drew most new business development opportunitiesContinue Reading

RFP – Bicycle and Pedestrian Wayfinding Signage Plan

ECWRPC is issuing this “Request for Proposals” (RFP) to develop wayfinding signage guidelines for the region. The RFP is intended to explain the requirements and procedures for the submission of formal proposals from consultants who are interested in working with ECWRPC staff and local communities on designing wayfinding signage guidelines for on-road (including bike lanes,Continue Reading

Approved 2016 CEDS Annual Performance Report

The East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission is pleased to announce the 2016 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Annual Performance Report has been completed for the East Central Wisconsin Economic Development District (EDD). The Commission has served as the designated EDD for its ten county region since 1984, as authorized by the US Department ofContinue Reading

Now Available – 2017 Transportation Work Program

This document outlines the work efforts of the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission for the next year. The document also includes the transportation planning studies that will be undertaken in the East Central Region by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, local communities, or consultants to them. The Annual Work Program provides the basis forContinue Reading

Forest Junction 2035 SSA Plan Public Informational Meeting

ECWRPC will be hosting a public informational meeting and public hearing to review and receive public input on the draft Forest Junction 2035 Sewer Service Area Plan. This plan update is being conducted as a formal element of the State of Wisconsin’s 208 Water Quality Management Plan and is required under Wisconsin Department of NaturalContinue Reading

Now Available – Draft 2016 CEDS Annual Performance Report

ECWRPC is pleased to announce that our Draft 2016 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Annual Performance Report has been completed. The Draft 2016 CEDS Annual Performance Report contains updated demographic and economic data as well as an updated regional project inventory list.  The full draft document can be reviewed here. Preparation of this plan ensuresContinue Reading

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