Now Seeking Technical Assistance Project Requests!

The East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission is again seeking Technical Assistance project requests from its eight member counties and their communities for consideration in our 2019 Work Program. A wide variety of small-scale planning and GIS mapping assistance is available from the Commission under low-cost or no-cost arrangements depending on the project type.

Please note that for 2019, a new cost-shared fee schedule is being implemented for some types of assistance under the Technical Assistance Program. Due to the Commission’s expected 2019 budget situation, it has been forced to cut back on the amount of no-cost (free) technical assistance and will now be seeking some limited levels of compensation (small contracts) for certain types of technical assistance projects. The fee structure and amounts were felt to be reasonable in order to recoup some costs under this program and please realize that in most instances, these are ‘discounted’ prices and the Commission will still be contributing some resources to these efforts. Please also recognize that there is great value in having the Commission assist your county/community as compared to other alternatives. Also note that if your community plans on taking advantage of this program, you may need to ensure that the costs are accounted for in your entity’s 2019 budget. If projects are selected, a short scope of
work and contract document will be provided to formalize the arrangement.

Please see the attached Technical Assistance Program Fact Sheet and supporting information which outlines the parameters of the program, provides ideas for project development, and gives directions on how to apply on-line.

In addition, Commission staff will be hosting two separate Technical Assistance Program “Open House” events at its offices in Menasha on:

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 from 9:00 a.m. – Noon
Thursday, September 20th, 2018 from 9:00 a.m. – Noon

If you have questions about the program, East Central’s services, or would like to discuss a project idea for submission under this program, our staff will be available during these times to meet with you and flesh out a scope of work and cost estimate (if applicable). While not required, we would encourage you to let us know if you plan to attend and the nature of your
project idea so that we can better accommodate. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our programs and services, please do not hesitate to contact me at, via phone at (920) 751-4770, or speak to your local Commission Board representatives. Regardless of whether you submit a project, or not, the Commission is interested in you feedback on the implementation of the new fee schedule. Let us hear from you so that we can better serve you!

Eric W. Fowle

Please complete the form below to submit your 2019 Technical Assistance Project:

1. Community

1a. County

2. Project Name

3. Project Category
General Planning (comprehensive planning, plan implementation strategies, etc.)Economic Development (grant assistance, funding identification, industrial park planning/conceptual layouts)Transportation (local road and street issues, traffic forecasts, bike/ped planning, inventories, etc.)Community Facilities / Infrastructure (sewer, water, stormwater, utilities, etc.)Park, Open Space & Recreation (recreation plan, trail plan, park site planning, etc.)Environmental Management (wetland, floodplain, farmland, conservation, etc.)Demographic Services (census data, trend analysis/interpretation, housing studies/assessments)Geographic Information Systems (data development, custom mapping, map updates, tourism/map related brochures and marketing materials, etc.)Other

3a. Project Description (please provide a short paragraph which describes the project and intended outcomes.)

4. When do you hope to have this project accomplished in 2019?
As soon as possible - we’re ready to go! (Feb-May)We wish it could be done soon (June-Oct)Project is not an immediate need, but it would be helpful/insightful (Nov-Dec, possibly 2020)

5. Is this a new project/initiative or an “update/amendment” to an existing plan or ordinance?

6. What level of impact do you feel this project will have on the community?

6a. In what sense?

7. Is this project identified as a recommendation in your community’s adopted comprehensive plan?

8. Have local budget or staffing issues prevented this planning project from being addressed?

9. Name of Project Contact/Lead Person

10. Phone (1234567890)

11. Email

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