Regional Complete Streets Policy Input

In 2017, East Central WI Regional Planning Commission (ECWRPC) was one of six applicants nationwide to receive technical assistance. Through this program, ECWRPC will receive hands-on assistance from national experts on designing a complete streets policy for the region, a policy for the MPOs, and to create the framework for communities to create and adopt their own policies.

Currently, ECWRPC is in the process of creating a regional policy. This advisory policy’s intention is to set the tone for creating roadways for all users and provides guidance on implementing complete streets. Input from stakeholders and the public is important to ensure a regional policy that meets the needs and expectations of our communities.

Through guidance from SGA, resources from other communities that have adopted policies, and stakeholder input, ECWRPC is pleased to present this draft regional complete streets policy. This policy consists of the 10 elements SGA recommends all policies incorporate and also takes into account the diverse nature of communities in the region.

ECWRPC is now seeking comments and input on this draft regional policy. Please use the form below to submit comments, or you may contact Kim Biedermann, Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator at ECWRPC, by emailing or calling 920.751.4770 x 6833.

Comments will be accepted through March 22, 2018.

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