Now Seeking Technical Assistance Project Requests!

The Commission is now seeking technical assistance project requests from its 8 member counties and their communities for consideration in our 2018 Work Program. Small-scale planning and GIS mapping projects are solicited and pre-selected during the prior year (i.e. fall of 2017 for 2018 projects) under the following program areas:

  1. General Planning (Comprehensive plan element updates, implementation of plan recommendations, etc.)
  2. Economic Development (Grant assistance, funding identification, and industrial park conceptual layouts, marketing data, industry cluster data)
  3. Transportation (Local road and street issues, traffic forecasts/analyses, PASER inventories, sign inventories, Safe Routes to School, bicycle and pedestrian planning, etc.)
  4. Community Facilities/Infrastructure (Sewer, water, stormwater, utilities, etc.)
  5. Park, Open Space and Recreation (Recreation plan, trail plan, park site planning, etc.)
  6. Environmental Management (Wetland, floodplain, farmland, conservation, etc.)
  7. Demographic Services (Census data, trend analysis/interpretation, and housing studies/assessments.)
  8. Geographic Information Systems (Data development, custom mapping, map updates, and tourism/marketing materials.)

Please confer with your county’s/community’s department heads and/or Board/Council, Plan Commission, and Park and Recreation Committees on this opportunity over the next two months and provide no more than two project priorities for consideration. Please note that projects listed should be of small scale, localized in nature, and typically should not take more than three to five days of staff time to complete (approx. 24-40 hours total – excluding travel time and night meetings). Project requests should be submitted to the Commission no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, October 13th, 2017.

The Commission’s Steering Committee will be reviewing and evaluating the requests in order to prioritize and schedule a set of projects for 2018 using a ranking system. A listing of selected projects for formal inclusion in the Commission’s 2018 Work Program will be completed by mid to late December 2017. The final 2018 Work Program will be considered by the full Commission on January 26th, 2018 and any concerns noting the inclusion/exclusion of projects can be taken up at, or prior to, this meeting.  The list of selected projects will also be published in the winter (February) edition of the Commission’s newsletter, The Rapport. Communities with selected projects will be contacted directly in February 2018 to initiate discussions on project scheduling, staffing, and other details.

Please note that as much as the Commission wishes that it could meet every request, it may be impossible to do so given our level of staffing and obligations to existing federal and state program areas. The Commission will award technical assistance applications based on programs within the Commission’s work program and with geographic consideration. In an effort to better understand the scope of the project, as staff review the technical assistance application they will be contacting local communities to discuss their technical assistance projects.

Lastly, remember that Commission staff are always available to answer questions, provide verbal or written guidance, grant support letters, and attend/present at public meetings if required. Our staff pride themselves on their accumulated knowledge of planning subjects and extensive network of contacts within various federal, state, and local agencies/departments. If we do not know the answer, we usually know who does. If a new project or opportunity presents itself during the course of the year please contact us to let us know, particularly if it relates directly to one of our program areas, as some additional time may to be available through one of our federal or state programs to assist you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this request, please do not hesitate to contact me at, via phone at (920) 751-4770, or speak to your local Commission Board representatives.

Eric W. Fowle

Please complete the form below to submit your 2018 Technical Assistance Project:

1. Community

1a. County

2. Project Name

3. Project Category General Planning (comprehensive planning, plan implementation strategies, etc.) Economic Development (grant assistance, funding identification, industrial park planning/conceptual layouts) Transportation (local road and street issues, traffic forecasts, bike/ped planning, inventories, etc.) Community Facilities / Infrastructure (sewer, water, stormwater, utilities, etc.) Park, Open Space & Recreation (recreation plan, trail plan, park site planning, etc.) Environmental Management (wetland, floodplain, farmland, conservation, etc.) Demographic Services (census data, trend analysis/interpretation, housing studies/assessments) Geographic Information Systems (data development, custom mapping, map updates, tourism/map related brochures and marketing materials, etc.) Other

3a. Project Description (please provide a short paragraph which describes the project and intended outcomes.)

4. When do you hope to have this project accomplished in 2018? As soon as possible - we’re ready to go! (Feb-May) We wish it could be done soon (June-Oct) Project is not an immediate need, but it would be helpful/insightful (Nov-Dec, possibly 2019)

5. Is this a new project/initiative or an “update/amendment” to an existing plan or ordinance? New Update/Amendment

6. What level of impact do you feel this project will have on the community? High Medium Low

6a. In what sense?

7. Is this project identified as a recommendation in your community’s adopted comprehensive plan? Yes No

8. Have local budget or staffing issues prevented this planning project from being addressed? Yes No

9. Would your community be willing to accept technical assistance to partially complete and/or “kick start” this project with the intent and commitment of the community to complete the remainder of the project via some other method (i.e. a contract or other internal/external means)? Yes No

10. Name of Project Contact/Lead Person

11. Phone (1234567890)

12. Email

13. Would you like one of our staff to contact you to discuss project(s) directly? Yes No

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