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Winnebago County Specialized Transportation Study

Winnebago County Specialized Transportation Study

Winnebago County has a well-established specialized transportation network in place that currently meets many of the county residents’ specialized transportation needs. This network is comprised of a large, diverse group of caring people including agencies, county/municipal governments, businesses, transportation providers, caretakers, medical organizations and volunteers. The county also has a robust fixed bus route system that is available for specialized transportation individuals when convenient. The existing specialized transportation framework includes options throughout the county for the elderly, disabled and low income individuals. Winnebago County recognizes that even though they are meeting the needs of many, there are still gaps, needs and barriers within the system that are preventing individuals from adequate transportation. This study was initiated to evaluate the existing specialized transportation system and identify the gaps, barriers and needs and to develop recommendations to remedy them. For more information about the study, please contact Nick Musson.

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  1. Chuck Hodge says:

    Nick, Just wanted to touch base with you about the need to eliminate the 6 transfer points in the fixed route system here in Oshkosh. The Transportation Department is up to it’s old tricks once again bringing up the same old issues with on time schedules and missed connections. Ms. Weigand, a Transportation Department employee who is also the recording secretary for the Transit Advisory Committee (an obvious conflict of interests), reported in the minutes of the last TAB meeting I didn’t think the bus drivers needed restroom breaks. Go figure? How can anybody, including you, win any concessions from the Transportation Department when they control all information coming in and going out? You might want to consider adding this problem to your advisory bucket list. Rick, I know you have worked very hard in a lot of areas trying to come up with transportation plans that benefit everyone you can, regular people; as well as the elderly and disabled. Please don’t let yourself become a pawn in the Transportation Department’s game of hidden and discriminatory agendas. Stand up to them, consult with Tom Diedrick at Options for Independent Living in Green Bay for some suggestions on how to deal with the crap the Transportation Department is dishing out. Think about suggesting to the the Transportation Department that they should return to a single hub fixed route system and to quit whining about bus drivers having no time for restroom breaks and not being able to keep the buses on schedule; and to quit crying about all the missed connections. Please don’t let yourself be seen as being in the Transportation Departments back pocket, it’s much too crowded in there. Best Regards, Chuck

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